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Little Yuri

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That voice you hear on start up in some imports, that's just a toll card reader screaming at you "insert toll card" we've created a way to replace that, or add it to your car!

  • USB Powered
  • Choice of two phrases
  • Activates on car start up when plugged in
  • The pink boarder around the product is to highlight the product in images and is not present in the product you receive.  


Choose from:


"Drive Safe Somebody Loves You"


Want a custom phrase, get in touch and we can work on that for you as well. 

We started by recycling some toll card reader's dropped in our own circuitry and brought you some custom phrases thanks to the Japanese voice actress we've teamed up with.

When we first announced they would be dropping we realised demand was already over the initial batch. Pre-orders meant we wouldn't have any new units for a few months so we developed the standard case variant to be a every day option for those who just want the experience. 

We have now started working on getting in other JDM cases to provide the same experience in more unusual cases. When these are available they will be listed as Limited Editions as we will most likely not be able to secure stock again. In some cases features like screens on limited edition units will not function as the circuitry does not permit this. 

We teamed up with voice actors in Japan for this project.

All Little Yuri's come with a USB connection. If you want to wire this in to the car we recommend this 12v to USB wiring kit. In our personal vehicles we have taken the live and ground from the back of the cigarette lighter to wire this in and run cable behind the dash.

Please bear in mind as we use genuine ETC cases on the ETC variant we can not guarantee which brands case you will receive. These are also repurposed used items and as such may have minor imperfections. As a result the product may have slight differences in how it looks. 

These are custom products made to order and all Little Yuris are quality tested before shipping.