Simon's Supercharged MK2 MX5

This week, we’re looking at Simon’s MK2 MX5. Powered by a M65 supercharger with a 59mm reduction pulley, 14psi and a 1.8 engine. Simon is yet to get it on a dyno, as it is a freshly built car, but he’s hoping to get around the 200-220bhp mark.

Simon purchased the car as a weekend toy after he sold his previous drift car. Although, we all know MX5s make fantastic cars to drift in. He always knew these little cars were fantastic fun in stock trim, but started seeing others had turbo’d and supercharged theirs before spotting a supercharger kit for sale on Facebook. 
After the kit arrived, and a little bit of research, Simon realised the kit was incomplete. After a quick shopping spree, the kit was complete and fitted to the car, ready for its first test drive. Unfortunately, the engine only made it around the block before crying enough and detonated.
At this point in time, MK2 MX5s were cheap as chips. As proven when Simon grabbed a donor car and engine for £100. However, upon removal of this engine, this is where he discovered the dreaded rust on his chassis rails. So, now, as well as an engine change, he needed to weld in new chassis rails! He made quick work of this, dropped the fresh engine in and is ready to enjoy (hopefully, we all know what British summers are like) the British summer!
As with any project car, Simon says he is still updating it. A project is never done! We look forward to seeing where he takes this car next.

Full Spec List;

  • Mx5 mk2, 1.8 non vvt
  • M65 supercharger with 59mm reduction pulley, make about 14 psi of boost
  • Rx8 injectots
  • ME221
  • Ame wideband
  • Direzza intercooler 
  • Japspeed ally radiator 
  • Stage 3 clutch
  • Wyvern motorsport bonnet vents
  • Mk2.5 front and rear lights and bumpers
  • HSD coilovers 
  • Subaru 4 pot front brakes
  • Axe XXR 15 inch wheels
  • Cobra Monaco Pro seats, 4 point harness. 
  • TR Lane roll bar

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