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We love a MX5 here at Violent running. Lindsay’s is no exception. Sporting fresh Audi mythos black paint and a Duce kit From Firefly speed shop, this car looks the part! Currently with a stock 1.8, we are assured a turbo is coming this winter, most of the work on this car has gone into the driving experience as well as the aesthetics.

Purchased to be her first drift car after seeing Ryan Asquith drifting one on YouTube, she set about finding one before knowing if they were any good or not. She sent Ryan a message to ask, but she was too impatient to wait for his reply, so bought one anyway.

The backstory on this car is, well, interesting to say the least. Lindsay found the car on eBay, nothing weird about that. It was looking a little sorry for itself (see below). It had no real paint on it (an obvious unfinished project), except some blue paint that looked like it had been thrown onto the car. 

The story goes, the previous owner to whom Lindsay purchased the car from, had cheated on his girlfriend. She found out, obviously was unhappy, and threw paint all over the car. Lindsay tells me she still finds random bits of blue paint every now and then!

Photo by Beasy Media

As you can see, great care has been taken on the safety side of things. On the interior, a pair of Sparco Sprint seats combined with Takata harnesses, ensure the driver is secure during any drift sessions. These combined with the CGFabrications roll bar means the driver will be perfectly safe in the unlikely event of a rollover. Which is a good thing as Lindsay’s young daughter loves the car!

As with a lot of MX5s on the drift scene, Bryn’s engineering work can be seen on this car. Featuring a short run passenger seat mounted fire extinguisher holder as well as the RAD, Duce specific tow hook.

Lindsay has put a lot of work into the car recently and we can’t wait to see how it goes with the extra power from the anticipated turbo!

Full Spec List;

  • Stock 1.8 MK1 engine
  • Stage 3 competition clutch and ultra lightweight flywheel
  • Audi Mythos Black paint
  • Destroy or Die cut front knuckles and rack spacers
  • Yellowspeed Coilovers
  • Superpro Bushes
  • Slide Motorsport braided brake lines
  • Neochrome Rota Grids - 15x8 ET0
  • Lucas Oil all round
  • Firefly Speedshop Duce kit
  • Fibreworx Hardtop Spoiler
  • Sparco Sprint Seats
  • Takata Harnesses
  • GCFabrications roll bar
  • 330mm flat Nardi steering wheel
  • Bryn’s Fire Extinguisher mount
  • RAD Duce front tow hook
Photo by Beasy Media

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