Dave's Civic FN2 Type R

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Here is Dave's Bagged FN2 type R Champ white edition. He picked it up a year and a half ago whilst he was on stand with us at Yakushi Show. Is there any bigger flex than arriving at a show in one car, disappearing and returning with your new ride? 

Since then, he blew up one engine after the previous owner getting some rocker cover paint in it. Whilst it was sitting around he found some cheap bags, jumped in the daily and drove a 7 hour round trip to get them, got home, and put them straight on. A couple of months later, he put a new engine in it with the help of friends. The he figured it had more issues than he could deal with while driving it daily. So it’s now parked up on his drive, awaiting a bunch of parts and new arches. We absolutely love this thing and can’t wait until it’s finished!

The outside is pretty simple... Cosmis racing xt206R’s, D2 bag’s, and soon to have custom arches, hence the cardboard in the photos!

Inside there's a Pioneer SPH230DAB, D1 wheel boss, vertex wheel, exo racing 52mm gauge holder, digital air ride gauge, short shifter, focal speakers all round, and saving up to get some Zilla carbon back red bucket seats, and a cage.

We'll be featuring more custom rides in the future!

If you want to be one of them the send photos and information about your build to submit a feature

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