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If you saw a fire damaged, old Japanese car in a scrap yard, you’d leave it there wouldn’t you? Well not Claire. Purchased 12 years ago, it’s been through a few changes since she bought it.
First up, an olive green paint job. They had a military vehicle at the time (who doesn’t?), so the paint was really cheap and gave the car a unique (for the time being) look. Unfortunately, someone decided to drive into the car, using the (rather poor) excuse of “you were driving past a bush.” As if that’s some kind of excuse to not use your eyes. But Claire used this as an opportunity to brighten the car up. In a stroke of inspiration, she decided to get someone to graffiti the car!
You can’t say it isn’t bright enough to see now, and gives the car an even more unique look than it had previously. Claire’s all time favourite film is tank girl, which is where her inspiration came from. Which makes the military vehicle ownership make much more sense…
In a further effort to brighten up the car, and probably boredom, she decided the “drab olive” green needed to go. This was replaced by a bright green with gold glitter. I have to say, this finishes off the Graffiti King’s paint job perfectly. It is definitely a bit of a marmite car but we love it over at the Violent Running office.
As with many cars, this one has a lot of sentimental value to Claire. When her dad was still with her, they used to work on it together. Understandably, this will be a forever car for Claire and is her happy place.
Claire has already told us she has another big transformation coming and we can’t wait to see what she brings to us next!
Full Spec List:
  • Toyota MR2 Mk2 2.0ltr N/A import
  • Powerflex bushes throughout
  • Tein super street coilovers, upper top mounts
  • Adjustable track rods
  • Full stainless exhaust
  • K&N air filter
  • Skimmed head
  • Samco hoses
  • Body kit
  • Custom spray job was done by the Graffiti Kings - JulianArtJaz based on Tankgirl comics
  • Graffiti Kings artwork based on Tank Girl with bright green gold glitter

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